Dramatic Play 

New friends 

Storybook guest 

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Preschool children receive  a full curriculum of learning each day.  Learning in Spanish and English.  

Children go on nature walks, outdoor play, musical chairs and Duck, Duck goose.   

Dramatic Play

old friends  

Marsella S Sanders
is a retired Special Education Teacher for Virginia Beach City public Schools She has a master’s degree from Regents University in special education. She has received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Saint Leo University. 
Ms. Sanders obtained an associate degree in early childcare education Tidewater Community College. In her spare time, Ms. Sanders enjoys sleeping late, shopping with Steffenie, and listening to smooth jazz music. 

R.E. Giovanni Sanders Jr
. is currently attending Tidewater Community College seeking an associate degree in psychology. He is currently employed by Virginia Beach City Public Schools as a Homebound and Substitute Teacher.  Mr. Sanders enjoys Martial Arts, any instrument with strings, Comics and Graphic Novels , and of course spending all of his free time with Steffenie.